Rock ‘N’ Roll Denver Announces 4 Warm-Up Events for the 2017 Summer/Fall Season

Rock ‘N’ Roll Denver has just listed the Stapleton Run Series (Father’s Day 5K/10K/Half Marathon, Sand Creek Half Marathon/5K/10K , Dog Days of Summer 5K/10K/Half Marathon) and the Arvada Harvest Half Marathon/10M/10K/5K as the warm-up races for the 2017 summer/fall training season.

Each of these events is developed, managed and executed by Feat on the Street. Participants can go to and use discount code ROCKNROLL for any of these events and get $10 off their registration. When they receive their confirmation email they will get a $10 discount code to register for the Rock ‘N’ Roll Denver Half Marathon or an $8 discount code for the 5K or 10K.

The Stapleton Run Series is hosted at Denver’s Stapleton Central Park and includes courses that combine concrete, dirt and crushed fine trails and pavement. The Arvada Harvest Half Marathon/10M/10K/5K is hosted in Historic Olde Town Arvada, with the first 5K of all event distances going along the route of the Arvada Harvest Parade route and then peeling off onto the scenic Ralston Creek Trail. After the event there is a two day festival that includes more than 60 food vendors, youth activities, live entertainment and more.

The 4-event warm-up race series provides participants the opportunity to start training early with event distance that meets their current fitness level while promoting incremental achievement; start with a 5K, increase to a 10K the next month and then test your half marathon abilities (or any variation thereof). As participants get closer to their October goal race they are able to work through standard training components such as pacing, fartlek training, speed-work and more in a professionally controlled, timed environment.

Feat on the Street has worked for several years with the Competitor’s Rock ‘N’ Roll Denver event. This partnership has included engaging local nonprofits such as Denver Rescue Mission New Life Program and the Salvation Army Residential Rehabilitation Program in the maintenance and execution of the event.

Each year, for example, Feat on the Street recruits staff and volunteers to work the start line through the first two miles of the race course to collect the discarded run/walk participant clothing from alongside the course (cold morning starts in September and October result in participants discarding their clothing as they warm up). There is a 1-2 week period in which this clothing or valuables can be recovered by participants, but the remaining items are then donated to the charity. This partnership also results in the donation of left-over race shirts, perishable and non-perishable foods and other items.

So there it is; a great warm-up race training schedule that results in the opportunity to give back to the community by simply getting involved in the active, healthy lifestyle we already live and love!