Runner and cyclist, Jeremy Nelson, was unsatisfied with the massage and recovery products available for endurance athletes.  After coming home tired from training, the thought of rolling around the basement floor on a foam roller or using the “stick”, that often times feels like a 2nd workout, didn’t sound too appealing.  He knew there had to be a better way.

The goals:

  • Build a tool that has all the massage force built into it for deep myofascial release
  • Fit different body sizes and target the muscle groups primarily used by endurance athletes
  • Provide a “flushing-effect” to move the blood and flush out waste products
  • Keep it portable so athletes can take it to races, use right after workouts, or simply keep it on the coffee table

The Revolutionary R8

Tackle Plantar Fasciitis with the new R3

Introducing the New Stretch Mat

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