Park Hill Pizza Pie 1M/5K/10K

If you’re in Denver in the autumn, City Park in Park Hill is the place to be!  Get warmed up for the winter and get ready for the holiday season with some scrumptous Pizza Pie – because this event is being rebranded to be the Park Hill Pizza Pie.  If you look long enough at those leaves they begin to take on the form of little pizza slices, don’t they?

So get ready to earn it – you know you’re gonna grab a slice or two … and heck, by the time this event rolls around it’s almost halfway through football season and what better way to warm up for that awesome holiday season and all that delicious holiday food?!

This event kicks off the City Park Winter Running Series, so you might as well gobble those carbs and hit that trail, ’cause we’re going to be out here running – snow, sleet, wind or, … well, it’s Colorado, so 300+ days of sunshine-a-year!  When the going gets tough – the tough grab another slice o’ pie!  Oh yeah, and we are runners, after all, so when the going gets tough we actually do go out and crank out at least a coule o’ miles!

Sorry, I digest … er, I mean digress.  Over here at Feat on the Street we’re just longingly waving goodbye to another beautiful Colorado summer and conniving ways to lure fellow runner folk into helping us eat all this pizza – and join us in this winter series that begins with a gaggle of gobbling goons and slips slowly into March madness!

And 5 runs just wasn’t enough for the City Park Winter Running Series, so we added a couple more.  Now you have the opportunity to run the Double in December (two Christmas-themed events – two Saturdays in a row) and two St. Patrick’s-themed events (again, two Saturdays in a row).

So yeah, now the series includes 7 themed events – starts with pizza and ends with green beer; starts with the lonesome whisp of fading summer and ends with that sweet lilt of Irish spring!

Yup pizza in the park the scoring is simple – participate in 3 events to qualify, and your combined fastest 3 times is your qualifying place.  You get medals for each race and a medal for the series!

Now here’s the serious stuff:

November 11 through March 17 – 7 total races – 5K’s and 10K’s and 1 Miles.  Series scoring is simple; must participate in and complete 3 events to qualify.  Scoring is based on your top 3 places in your age division.  All ties are broken by combining your fastest 3 times and then dividing by whatever is necessary to bring all the times down to a 5K average.  The 1 Mile events do not qualify for anything other than the competition within themselves, but the 5K and 10K can be mixed and matched.  Of those two choices, run whichever you’d like.  The division placement and time will all be averaged out so that it’s an even field.

So come on out, enjoy the lovely autumn setting and iconic views of Denver’s City Park and get yourself tuned up and set for your Colorado winter running season!

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