FEATBUCKS – A New Run/Walk Registration Discount Program

FEATBUCKS is a new program being launched by Feat on the Street (Your Race. Your Pace. Your Feat.). So you ask; ‘what in the world is/are FEATBUCKS’?! FEATBUCKS is a program designed to reward you for registering to run or walk a 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, Marathon, or Ultra-Marathon. Typically this reward will come to you in either an email race promotion or in a race registration confirmation email. The verbiage will appear something like this:

You’ve earned some FEATBUCKS – a special discount (discount amounts will vary) to register for other races that are participating in the FEATBUCKS program! This discount will apply to any running events listed at Feat on the Street under the FEATBUCKS tab!  Click here to go to FEATONTHESTREET.COM, select your event, and enter FEATBUCKS as your discount code when you register!  You have 2 weeks to redeem your FEATBUCKS … and you can share them with your friends and family for that same period of time.  So spread the word and the FEATBUCKS and get registered!

Why are we launching the FEATBUCKS program? We understand that participating in a run/walk event is something that should be available to everyone who wishes to engage in a healthy, active, wellness-related lifestyle. This includes everyone from the recreational runner to the elite athlete to the couch potato who has decided that the time is now to get up, get out, and get healthy. With FEATBUCKS, anyone who registers for their first or one-thousandth event is encouraged to register to run or walk in more events and to engage in our active, healthy community. This program also encourages race directors, organizers and nonprofit organizations to work together in an effort to provide better registration opportunities so that our sport can continue to grow.

This program just launched and is available through Feat on the Street (www.featonthestreet.com). We are currently reaching out to other race directors, run clubs and event managers to encourage their participation. For right now, just go to www.featonthestreet.com and apply the FEATBUCKS discount code ($10) to ANY of the 13 available events (no need to look for the FEATBUCKS tab).

Think about it; registration costs for winter events right now are at ‘Early Bird’ pricing (typically $20 5K, $25 10K and around $35 Half Marathon). Now you add a 20% discount to that and you’re set to establish a run/walk schedule at such a reduced rate that you cannot lose! Registering early for run/walk events encourages the dedication and commitment that are required to begin and maintain your active, healthy lifestyle!

We’ll be getting more races as we move forward, so – runners, walkers, health enthusiasts of all levels of experience and ability – Get out there, get active, and enjoy the benefits of the FEATBUCKS program; YOUR RACE. YOUR PACE. YOUR FEAT.

For more information on this program, please contact Nick@FeatontheStreet.com.