5K, 10K, 1 Mile & Youth Fun Run


Nov. 11, 2017 to March 17, 2018


8:00 AM


City Park, Denver, Colorado

A Christmas Carol Classic 5K & 10K

December 23, 2017

Denver, City Park
Le Cours de l'Amour 5K & 10K

February 10, 2018

City Park, Denver, Colorado
Lucky Charm 1m, Run 5K & 10K Denver City Park Colorado

March 10, 2018

City Park, Denver, Colorado
Event Lucky Laces Run 5K & 10K City Park Denver

March 17, 2018

City Park, Denver, Colorado

November 11, 2017

Denver, City Park
The Resolve Run 5K & 10K

January 6, 2018

Denver, City Park

City Park Winter Running Series Denver

The City Park Winter Series has 7 themed events (2 new in the 2017/2018 season — see New Events section below) over 5 winter months, beginning in November with a gaggle of pizza gobbling goons at the Park Hill Pizza Pie and slipping slowly into March madness and the grand finale at Lucky Laces!

  • All events include 1 Mile, 5K, 10K (on a certified course) and a youth fun run
  • All events are professionally timed with results streaming automatically to Athlinks
  • All events, with the exception of the 2 new events, (see New Events section below) include finisher and awards medals with the standard registration fee
  • All events count in the scoring for the series finisher and awards medals
    • Series scoring is simple; participate in and complete 3 events to qualify.  Scoring is based on your top 3 places in your age division.  All ties are broken by combining your fastest 3 times and then dividing to bring all the times down to a 5K average.  The 1 Mile events do not qualify for anything other than the competition within the 1 Mile field, but the 5K and 10K can be mixed and matched.
  • Strollers and pets are welcome at all events (you know the rules)
  • You can register through the series website or you can register for single events
City Park Winter Series Events 
(all events: 1 Mile 8:00 / Youth Run 8:40 / 5K/10K 9:00)

** New Events — ‘Bare Bones’

Both the Scramblin’ Scrooge (Dec 16) and Lucky Charm (Mar 10) are, obviously, Bare Bones events. Here’s what that means; low registration fee while giving you the opportunity to add items during the registration process.  The items will include a Christmas Ornamental or Lucky Charm Medallion and/or short-sleeved tech t-shirt (long-sleeve upgrade available).

Christmas Double and the Lucky Double

The Bare Bones medallions are designed to stand alone OR go along with the medallions given away at the traditional series events which take place the week following each of the Bare Bones events.

We call this the Christmas Double and the Lucky Double.  If you register for and participate in both of the themed holiday events, you will have completed the Double and, rather than receiving the standard event shirt, you will receive a specially designed Christmas Double or Lucky Double shirt.  And there’s more!  Each event in the series this year includes a 1 Mile event that starts at 8 am while the 5K and 10K begin at 9.  If you register for and complete the 1 Mile AND register for and complete the 5K or 10K on that day, you will have completed the Christmas Squared or the Lucky Squared and will receive a specially designed shirt for that accomplishment!  To participate in the Double opportunities you must register online by no later than the 1st of the event’s corresponding month.