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Why do you run — for fun, just to be fit — perhaps you run for the social interaction or just to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle?  Do you enjoy the hard-core competitive races — get up early, put on the game face, throw on the running gear and grind from start to finish — a ‘run-junkie’ just jones-in’ for another PR?!  Or how about a little social running — grab an adult beverage after a really awesome themed run event — perhaps a bit of a holiday spirit(s) runner?  What’s your distance?  Do you ‘not even get out of bed for a 5K’ — or is a 5K your long run? Do you enjoy the ‘flavor of the season’ distance — ‘I’m training for a half marathon — everyone’s doing half marathons now’? Or are you dedicated and serious and trained to the point where you run a 5K and use it to determine your split goal for a 10K on the same course so that you can determine your split for your half marathon which is scheduled perfectly towards setting the mid-way split for that marathon you have on the race calendar and … well, then there’s that ultra-marathon at high altitude and you can’t miss that!  Ugh — then there’s tapering!

We get it.  You run, for whatever reason — perhaps for many reasons — and perhaps in any and all seasons — with or without goals — towards or away from something, or both :).  Get out here with Feat on the Street and let’s do this.

City Park, Stapleton, Arvada — 1M/5K/10K/HM distances — Events with all the frills and themes and bells and whistles (literally and metaphorically) or some ‘Bare Bones’ low cost no frills timed training events.

It’s Colorado — all year ’round — 300+ days of sunshine — rain or shine or snow or sleet, we run.

Feat on the Street.  Your Race.  Your Pace.  Your Feat.

Future events

October 28, 2017

Denver, Great Lawn

November 11, 2017

Denver, City Park

December 16, 2017

City Park, Denver
A Christmas Carol Classic 5K & 10K

December 23, 2017

Denver, City Park
The Resolve Run 5K & 10K

January 6, 2018

Denver, City Park
Le Cours de l'Amour 5K & 10K

February 10, 2018

City Park, Denver, Colorado
Lucky Charm 1m, Run 5K & 10K Denver City Park Colorado

March 10, 2018

City Park, Denver, Colorado
Event Lucky Laces Run 5K & 10K City Park Denver

March 17, 2018

City Park, Denver, Colorado

March 31, 2018

Central Park, Denver, Colorado
Father's Day Run 5K, 10K & HM

June 17, 2018

Central Park, Denver, Colorado

July 14, 2018

Central Park, Denver, Colorado

August 20, 2018

Central Park, Denver, Colorado


City Park Winter Running Series

11/11/2017 to 03/17/2018

City Park, Denver, Colorado
City Park Winter Running Series

04/15/2017 to 08/20/2017


Results & Photos

September 16, 2017


September 9, 2017

Denver, Central Park

August 20, 2017

Central Park, Denver, Colorado

July 08, 2017

Central Park, Denver, Colorado


FEATBUCKS – A New Run/Walk Registration Discount Program

FEATBUCKS is a new program being launched by Feat on the Street (Your Race. Your Pace. Your Feat.). So you ask; ‘what in the world is/are FEATBUCKS’?! FEATBUCKS is a program designed to reward you for registering to run or walk a 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, Marathon, or Ultra-Marathon. Typically this reward will come to […]

Rock ‘N’ Roll Denver Announces 4 Warm-Up Events for the 2017 Summer/Fall Season

Rock ‘N’ Roll Denver has just listed the Stapleton Run Series (Father’s Day 5K/10K/Half Marathon, Sand Creek Half Marathon/5K/10K , Dog Days of Summer 5K/10K/Half Marathon) and the Arvada Harvest Half Marathon/10M/10K/5K as the warm-up races for the 2017 summer/fall training season. Each of these events is developed, managed and executed by Feat on the […]