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Why do you run — for fun, just to be fit — perhaps you run for the social interaction or just to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle?  Do you enjoy the hard-core competitive races — get up early, put on the game face, throw on the running gear and grind from start to finish — a ‘run-junkie’ just jones-in’ for another PR?!  Or how about a little social running — grab an adult beverage after a really awesome themed run event — perhaps a bit of a holiday spirit(s) runner?  What’s your distance?  Do you ‘not even get out of bed for a 5K’ — or is a 5K your long run? Do you enjoy the ‘flavor of the season’ distance — ‘I’m training for a half marathon — everyone’s doing half marathons now’? Or are you dedicated and serious and trained to the point where you run a 5K and use it to determine your split goal for a 10K on the same course so that you can determine your split for your half marathon which is scheduled perfectly towards setting the mid-way split for that marathon you have on the race calendar and … well, then there’s that ultra-marathon at high altitude and you can’t miss that!  Ugh — then there’s tapering!

We get it.  You run, for whatever reason — perhaps for many reasons — and perhaps in any and all seasons — with or without goals — towards or away from something, or both :).  Get out here with Feat on the Street and let’s do this.

City Park, Stapleton, Arvada — 1M/5K/10K/HM distances — Events with all the frills and themes and bells and whistles (literally and metaphorically) or some ‘Bare Bones’ low cost no frills timed training events.

It’s Colorado — all year ’round — 300+ days of sunshine — rain or shine or snow or sleet, we run.

Feat on the Street.  Your Race.  Your Pace.  Your Feat.

Future events

US Marine Corps Run 5K & 10K

September 16, 2017

8001 W. 59th Avenue, Arvada, CO
Bare Bones

September 23, 2018

Littleton, Colorado
Event Park Hill Run 5K & 10K

November 11, 2017

Denver, City Park
A Christmas Carol Classic 5K & 10K

December 23, 2017

Denver, City Park
The Resolve Run 5K & 10K

January 6, 2018

Denver, City Park
Le Cours de l'Amour 5K & 10K

February 10, 2018

City Park, Denver, Colorado
Lucky Charm 1m, Run 5K & 10K Denver City Park Colorado

March 10, 2018

City Park, Denver, Colorado
Event Lucky Laces Run 5K & 10K City Park Denver

March 17, 2018

City Park, Denver, Colorado

March 31, 2018

Central Park, Denver, Colorado
Father's Day Run 5K, 10K & HM

June 17, 2018

Central Park, Denver, Colorado

July 14, 2018

Central Park, Denver, Colorado

August 20, 2018

Central Park, Denver, Colorado


City Park Winter Running Series

11/11/2017 to 03/17/2018

City Park, Denver, Colorado
City Park Winter Running Series

04/15/2017 to 08/20/2017


Results & Photos

September 9, 2017

Denver, Central Park

August 20, 2017

Central Park, Denver, Colorado

July 08, 2017

Central Park, Denver, Colorado

June 24, 2017

Arvada, Colorado


FEATBUCKS – A New Run/Walk Registration Discount Program

FEATBUCKS is a new program being launched by Feat on the Street (Your Race. Your Pace. Your Feat.). So you ask; ‘what in the world is/are FEATBUCKS’?! FEATBUCKS is a program designed to reward you for registering to run or walk a 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, Marathon, or Ultra-Marathon. Typically this reward will come to […]

Rock ‘N’ Roll Denver Announces 4 Warm-Up Events for the 2017 Summer/Fall Season

Rock ‘N’ Roll Denver has just listed the Stapleton Run Series (Father’s Day 5K/10K/Half Marathon, Sand Creek Half Marathon/5K/10K , Dog Days of Summer 5K/10K/Half Marathon) and the Arvada Harvest Half Marathon/10M/10K/5K as the warm-up races for the 2017 summer/fall training season. Each of these events is developed, managed and executed by Feat on the […]